Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hard Surface Stuff

You've been reading my books on your Kindle, yeah? Well if you're not buying those, how can I count on you to read Bodacious Creed? Give me some incentive to write the book!  If you can pay $8.00 to see a movie, you can pay $2.99 to read one of my novels.

Anyhow, that's enough berating my friends for the day!  Of course I'm playing, but I did work hard on those books and would like people to enjoy them.

But, on to the subject at hand, hard surface models for Bodacious Creed!

The first scene I'm going to set up is of Creed on Anna's operating table.  As we know, she's a brilliant inventor who has started working in prosthetics and raising the dead.  Damn, I really should write this story.  Anyway, Creed is on the table, and Anna resuscitates him.  He scrambles back on the table in shock, and she backs off, but tries to assure him that it's Okay.  She didn't realize he would have such a violent reaction, or even that he would initially have the energy to move like that.

I won't be modeling the entire workshop, just what is necessary to see for the scene, somewhat like what you might see in a not-quite minimalist play.  We'll have the table (based on Victorian operating tables of the time), some operating tools hanging from pegs, the floor, and perhaps a light source.  I'll need to do my research on what other people have done for Steampunk lights, and put my own twist on that.

So, last night I started modeling the table.  I'm working on that right now.  It's fairly simple, but will have some nice detail in the form of the pegs and the texturing.  I'm about to start on the texturing bit now.  Time to find some of my good wood textures!

I have some turntables to share as well of Creed and Coconino.  So, time permitting today, I'll get a new vlog out.  If I don't have time, then in the next couple of days.

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