Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wow, an update!

Howdy everyone!

Deepest apologies for not having posted in awhile.  I'm back with news though, and with why I haven't posted to the Bodacious Creed blog very much lately.

The news: I've sent in the updated version of Bodacious Creed to the head of my department at Academy of Art University.  I'm crossing my fingers that it will get accepted, and that I'll truly be an MFA candidate.  Yeah, I was mistaken before.  They said it was accepted, or would be, if I made certain changes.  I made those changes, and hopefully they're ones the university will like.  I'll share more as I find out!

The reasons for my absence: First, I'm more or less between the concept phase of the project and getting to creating the actual models.  The model creation, ie. the production work, will start when the new semester starts.  The summer's almost over, with classes starting September 2.  What classes I'm going to take, well, that's a bit in the air at the moment, pending acceptance of my thesis.

Second, I've been putting a lot of work into a new project.  It's putting my 3d modeling skills, my story concept skills, and my marketing skills to good use!

This project is...

Drum roll...

Couch Zombies!

Couch WHAT, you ask?

Well, click the above link and you'll learn a lot more!  Couch Zombies is a new Internet show, co-created by my buddy Steve and me, about some zombies who live in apartment building.  It's about their everyday lives and how, despite the fact that mostly they just want to stay at home, the human world keeps drawing them out... or in.

Steve and I recruited two of our good friends to the Couch Zombies team.  Gerry is a terrific illustrator.  He's doing the character design and the storyboards.  Janet is a wonderful animator, and is also an MFA student at AAU... in Animation, wouldn't you know.  She'll be animating the show in Flash, and creating the characters and setting based on Gerry's designs.

Also, check out the Couch Zombies blog!  The main blog talks about our work on the show.  There are also four related blogs (the links are in the right sidebar from that page) told from the perspective of the four main zombie characters.

There's a lot to enjoy in the blog and on the Couch Zombies channel already, so head over to both and subscribe!

And you betcha, I'll have more on Bodacious Creed soon!

Do you notice a recurring theme in these?  Could it be intelligent zombies?  Yeah baby!

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