Sunday, August 22, 2010

Talk about blowing my mind!

I just got this concept image from Josh.

First, let me give you a little background.  As far as the amount of models go, I've trimmed that down to just Bodacious Creed, Anna Lynn Boyd, and Coconino.

The next part of the thesis will be setting them up in poses, and those will become turntables.  I will sculpt them in zBrush, so they'll be very much like fine art sculptures as well as movie quality models.

I proposed three posed scenes.

1. Anna Lynn "activates" Bodacious Creed.  That moment when she raises him from the dead, he stumbles off the medical bed, stunned, then grabs her arm as she instinctively reaches down to see if he's all right.

2. Creed protects Anna.  He stands protectively before Anna at her saloon, guns blazing, while she is behind the bar drawing her own pistol.

3. Creed (for lack of a better term) busts in to a saloon with Coconino at his side, growling.

That third pose is the one that Josh illustrated first.  Now, he did a full scene, with not only Creed and Coconino coming into the bar, but with a matron there (not Boyd), gun behind her back.  I will simply be modeling Creed and Coconino, but I love this painting.

Since I'm receiving these after having turned in my revised thesis, I'm sending them as I get them in to my advisor.

Anyway, enjoy Josh's terrific painting, and visit his site!

Click the image for a larger version.

Though I've been working on Couch Zombies and will continue to do so, this makes me eager to focus on my thesis!  It also makes me eager to write more of the story of Bodacious Creed!

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