Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Shooting for 2K Per Day

Okay, I just got another scene written, a bit painful, a bit sexy, lots of fun. The next scene is probably going to be pretty long, and I think the start of Act II Chapter 2. (Should Act and Chapter use the same type of numerals? I don't know.)

The next scene though is a major scene with Creed. Lots of trouble. Action. And those are all the spoilers you're getting.

It struck me today that if I'm able to write 2K words per day from now until I finish the novel, and don't have to take too long musing about the plot, I can have the first draft done by November 1, the start of NaNoWriMo, one year since I started the actual writing. I could come up with some other NaNo project, something shorter, and after that get back to Creed and start the revisions. It's a matter of scheduling my time. I believe I can do it.

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