Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So Close to Finished

I hope everyone had a blast for Halloween!  Ours was certainly fun.

Anyway, on to Bodacious Creed.  I'm happy to say that I am in the polishing-up phase.  Here's an image I rendered last night.  The background is from my midpoint presentation, and I will probably use it in the demo reel.

This preview of Scene 3 shows how far the project has come.  It also shows that I have lots of examining and tweaking to do!  For instance, in this image alone, Anna's eyes are inexplicably black (I haven't tracked down why yet), and her clothes need wrinkling.  Creed's duster is poking into his shirt, and he doesn't have any eyebrows.

Today, I've fixed the duster problem, and went around the model in this scene, making sure there was no unwanted overlap.  I also worked quite a bit on his right cheek area, making the hole look more believable, adding a more wounded, rotted look to his gums, and made sure his jaw and teeth looked right together.

Aside from needing to do the wrinkles in Anna's clothes, the major modeling is done.  I may add some variety and interest to the base. I'd actually like to have three similar bases, with some interesting variation, and to add a few more props.

Since my final review is on December 8, I should have time to do all that, unless I get stuck on something.

Yep, December 8!  If you've been reading this blog since the beginning, you've seen this go from, "I have a modeling thesis to do, and I need to come up with ideas," to the idea for a Steampunk/Western project, to adding the Horror element and refining it, to pre-production, including my working with concept artist Josh Stewart, to the production phase of modeling and texturing, to well, now, almost done!

And, as always, more soon!

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