Thursday, January 20, 2011

AAU Rocks

Have I mentioned how much I love my school?

Academy of Art University rocks, and I studying there.  I recommend it all the time to people who want to make a career out of their art.

The reason I'm talking up AAU right now is because we students just got an awesome new benefit.  There's this site called Digital Tutors, which has some of the best instruction for all sorts of art related software.  Generally an individual needs to sign up for a DT account, and then can access all sorts of instruction.

AAU now has a group membership with DT, and AAU students can sign up under that membership and access all the instruction!  This is really fantastic.  AAU classes are top notch, but it always helps to study as much as one can on one's own.  I've started on the zBrush and Maya tutorials to really fill in my knowledge.

I plan to be an exceptional modeler by the time I graduate.  AAU just gave me another great tool to accomplish that.

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